Foresight for Sustainable Transformation

Businesses and societies need to change from the now common, resource-intensive growth models towards long-term sustainable concepts. Sudeco provides you with the key information and analysis to design successful business solutions and intelligent policies – long term.



Sudeco is a consultancy providing strategic foresight in the sectors of energy, climate change, glocalisation, and smart cities.

We support businesses, administrations, and civil society organisations in developing intelligent strategies towards their preferred future. We help to integrate economic, social, and environmental trends into innovative, applicable, and sustainable concepts.


Knowledge or insight gained by thinking about probable futures.


To be used without being completely used up or destroyed, to last for a long time.


A complete or major change in appearance, form, or function.



Energy production shifts from limited fuels to renewable sources. Technological innovation and volatile markets add uncertainties. Sustainable energy concepts present new opportunities and enhance resilience.

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Temperatures and precipitation patterns change. Consumer and voter behaviour changes. Political regulation changes. Foresight allows to prepare for these changes and to use them profitably.

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Global population continues to grow while urbanization is advancing globally. So are the economic, social, and ecological challenges our cities have to deal with. Smart city concepts provide new options.

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compasBusiness as usual is not the answer for the challenges of today and the coming decades. In 2050, more than 9 billion people will live on earth, millions will be older than ever before. Climate change and resource depletion, globalization and technical innovation create new challenges - and new opportunities. To manage the former, and profit from the latter, new, sustainable development concepts are required. Concepts balancing production, consumption, and profits with social requirements and ecological capacities.

In the long run, renewable resources will always be cheaper than limited ones – especially if markets provide them. Key to a prosper future and sustainable business models are concepts that combine:

 The intelligent use of renewable resources and highly energy efficient production processes.
 The consequent utilization of recycling, synergy effects, and re-use options in production and international product life cycles.
 The integration of stakeholders, employees, clients, and civil society interests in decision-making, planning, and implementation.

Sudeco is ready to support the development of such concepts.


Sudeco provides thorough analysis of the status quo. And reliable projections of probable futures. As a solid basis for the creation of your strategy towards your preferred future. We do more than just extending past time business numbers towards the future and recommending "more of the same, but faster and cheaper".

  We describe all relevant drivers and trends.
  We identify risks and uncertainties.
  We differentiate between the short- and the long-term...
  ... as well as between the urgent and the important.
  We add context and perspective
   We built strategies implementing your organisation's aims and goals  - sustainably.

The world is changing fast, and we can help you not only to adjust, but to shape this change.