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SUDECO – short for "SUstainable DEvelopment COncepts" – was founded in Paris in 2015.
Since 2021, the registered office is located in Dettingen/Iller.


Stefan Niederhafner

Founder and Managing Director

Stefan Niederhafner is founder and managing director of Sudeco and lecturer at SciencesPo. He holds a PhD (Darmstadt University of Technology) and a Master (Free University Berlin) in Political Science. He worked, among others, five years for the Social Science Research Center Berlin and four years as Assistant Professor for the Seoul National University. He held visiting Positions at UC Berkeley, KU Leuven and Hitotsubashi University Tokyo and others.

In 2006, he began working as a foresight consultant, starting as a free-lance trend development researcher for the German foresight company z-Punkt, and is working both in academic positions and on consulting assignments since then.

He has more than 15 years of research experience in the areas of energy and climate change politics, green growth, governance in complex multilevel systems, glocal sustainable development, and European Integration, following a forward-thinking perspective in his  academic work as well.

Stefan Niederhafner is an experienced lecturer, workshop organizer and seminar facilitator. He has extensive experience with a great variety of discussion formats and with audiences of various age or cultural backgrounds.

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SUDECO's entire co-operation, contracting, hiring, employment, and career progression policies are designed to ensure that we engage with people without regard to their race, colour, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or socio-economic background. All criteria applied by SUDECO are solely based on qualifications, competencies, and performances.


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