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Research and Analysis - How lead the past to the present



Projection and Scenario-Building - The probable futures



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Presentations, Workshops, Briefings, Special Lectures - the quick input

        Sudeco provides its services both in English and German.

 Our services are conceptualized following the construction kit idea. Every module can be very useful as a stand-alone. But they can be combined perfectly with each other and the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Contact us to discuss what services will be most useful for you.

 Close cooperation with the client is central for all our services. Several built-in feedback rounds secure that we stay aware of what you want and you are aware of what we are doing. We will make sure we deliver what is expected – and some more.


 Research and Analysis – how lead the past to the present

cog1Sudeco provides reliable and comprehensive research on energy, climate change, urban development, environmental as well as glocal politics and beyond. Desk or field research – you decide on research design, scope, depth and output format.

All relevant information gets included: Market data, regulatory and policy frameworks, technological capacities, social dynamics as well as environmental conditions. We combine various analytical methods like process-tracing, comparative designs, or statistical methods to deliver on our client’s needs and interests. Micro-, macro-, and mega-trends are analysed, the short, middle and long term drivers relevant for the client identified, and contextualised in relation to the client’s interest focus, whether it is the local, national, regional and global level.

Depending on the client’s demand, we provide our research results as detailed reports, concise executive summaries or straight-to-the-point bullet points slides. We can deliver via email, in print, or via oral presentations. Or we present the results during workshop to discuss them directly with your staff.

Please contact us to get a specific offer for your research needs.

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While the research and analysis step suffices for academic purposes, business planning and policy engineering needs to go further. The next section describes how.

 Projections and Scenario-Building – the probable futures

thinkWhat futures are probable in a given sector or market? This service module offers corporate foresight in a narrower sense. Dependent on the client's needs, we develop short-, middle-, or long-term scenarios. The focus can be on a specific company, on a certain line of business, or to deliver more comprehensive intelligence on whole policy areas.

Nobody knows your business numbers of the past decades better than your own staff, and they can very well extrapolate these numbers to project the BAU into the future – that’s why we work differently.We deliver a set of several highly probable scenarios, each depicting a specific development of an interdependent set of trends and drivers. We do not just focus on the changes in resources and energy markets, or on social issues like consumer choice and population developments, or on environmental in-take capacities, or on global climate change politics – our scenarios combine all relevant factors. We put them in relation to each other, asses their influence, show interdependencies and interferences. Wild cards deliver additional insight and help to evaluate risks and uncertainties.

We will help you to evaluate these different probable futures and to identify which one is the most preferable to you.

Please contact us to get a specific offer for the scenarios you need.

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Having identified where you want to be in 3, 5, 15 or 50 years, strategies need to be developed that get you there (see section below).

 Strategy design and future planning – your preferable future

arrowDefining your preferable future and designing the strategy towards it is the core of a strategic foresight process. 

In this module, two general approaches are possible. One is very integrative and interactive. Sudeco supports you and your staff to clarify your aims and goals, assess opportunities and uncertainties, and develop the adequate strategic responses yourselves. We secure target-oriented discussions and decision-making and provide relevant input. Depending on the situation, we organize one or several simulations, workshops, seminars, idea factories, unconferences or a “Zukunftswerkstatt” (futures workshop) with your organisation.

If you want to externalise the process, the other approach is preferable. You tell us what aims and goals you are heading for, and Sudeco designs an adequate strategy for you. We provide applicable and efficient concepts, that help your organisation to change effectively towards more sustainable policies and processes, using the transformation process for your benefit. Several feedback rounds during the process will secure that your expectations are met.

Furthermore, the grand strategy needs to be translated into smaller, applicable policies. This module includes the development of specific, measurable milestones, pragmatic actions, and implementation-ready instruments.

For Sudeco, Strategic Foresight is an innovative and creative process. The aim is intentional change, the result a sustainable development concept your organisation will benefit from. We would be more than happy to develop such a concept with you.

Please contact us with your request.

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Presentations, Workshops, Briefings - the quick input

bubbleThe services presented above are to comprehensive? You need something smaller, faster, and/or less interactive?

We provide input on energy, climate change, environmental developments, smart city concepts and glocal politics. Introductory speeches, power-point presentations, workshops contributions on specific subjects, briefings, facilitation of debates, special lectures for staff, stakeholders, students – we have a lot of experience talking in the right way and the right length to different audiences. We will deliver input that will be understood, matches your time-frames, and we will not just refer to what happened in the past.

If you need a service that does not neatly fall into one of our modules, feel warmly invited to contact us anyway. The modules are here to serve you, if they don’t, they need to change.

Please tell us briefly what you have in mind and we get back to you with suggestions.

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