To enhance operating distance, thematic coverage, and to create synergies, Sudeco maintains close cooperation with experts and institutions in the areas of strategic research, corporate foresight, and beyond.

Advanced Foresight Group



André Winzer
John-Schehr-Straße 34
D-10407 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 61289260

Foresight Solutions



Dr. Bernhard Albert
Wendelsweg 103
D-60599 Frankfurt
+49 (0) 69 79302753


Valtrado-logoValtrado is a translation and editing office based in Germany. We specialize in the translation of marketing materials, business communications and software manuals from English into German and in editing German texts. Our work is more than the faithful rendering of the source in the target language. We deliver texts that are understood by all – clients, personnel, and other stakeholders.


Birgit Niederhafner
Tobelweg 2A
D-78465 Konstanz
+49 (0) 7533 8039791